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Texas Yellow Caps Magic Mushroom

When you consume these little fungi it will give you a feeling of enlightenment and they will help you connect to nature. Enjoy!

Thai Koh Samui Magic Mushroom

Thai Koh Samui Magic Mushroom Thai Koh Samui Magic Mushroom Psilocybe samuiensis, also known as Koh Samui or Thai is

Think Mushroom #3 VISIONARY BLEND

Think Mushrooms – #3 VISIONARY BLEND 400mg Ingredients Per capsule: Forest Blend 400mg Cacao 100mg

Treasure Coast Magic Mushroom

Treasure Coast magic mushroom is a strain of magic mushroom known for the intense psychoactive journeys it takes users on.

Trip Stopper

Take one Valerian Root capsule and one chewable Vitamin C tablet if your trip takes a less than pleasant turn. Vitamin C has an adverse effect on Psilocybin and Valerian root has a calming effect on the nervous system. So if things get a little too intense, the trip stopper is here to minimize the bad trip effects

Vietnamese Magic Mushroom

They grow with a yellow fleshy stem and has large cuos up to 5-6 cm in size. They are quite powerful and grow very easily in nature.

Zoom Psilocybin Capsule

FORMULATED FOR INCREASED ENERGY AND STAMINA 100MG Psilocybin per capsule 20 capsules per bottle Ingredients – Cordyceps, Maca, Vitamin B12